Trademark Attorney | "What Is A Trademark Attorney?"

By : IPS Staff
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Trademark Attorneys are involved in trademark law who also provide information and advice in trademark and design issues. A Trademark Attorney is responsible in the process of selecting trademark, documentation to register trademark, trademark search, advice on use and registration of trademark and many other trademark issues.
There are some standardized tests that a Trademark Attorney must take in order to practice legally.

In most of the countries, especially in the United Kingdom, a Trademark Attorney is considered as a separate legal profession and is recognized as a lawyer. However, in the United States Trademark Attorneys are recognized as general legal professionals.

In the United States a Trademark Attorney with a license to practice can represent any individuals or companies in the US Trademark Office. On the other hand Patent Attorney must pass an exam to represent companies and individuals but a Trademark Attorney does not need to pass any exams.

The examiners who review the Trademark Applications are also licensed Trademark Examining Attorney. The examiners also help in Trademark Search to make sure that the trademark applied is not identical to a registered or a pending application. It is wise for any individual to have a Trademark Attorney representing them while filing a Trademark Application. Because once someone files a Trademark Application their application will be reviewed directly by an Attorney at the Trademark Office.