Trademark Application | "New Trademark Application By DirecTV for Competition."

By : IPS Staff
Category : Trademark Application

New Trademark Application has been filed by DriecTV. The application is for “Grab&Go” which DirecTV plans to use. It plans to use the product in the products that are related to mobile and digital video recording.
The trademark application seems to be related with Nomad place-shifting set-top which is a product of DirecTV. The product was introduced by DirecTV about a year ago. This device helps the customer of DirecTV to transfer the programs for the DVR to tablet computers and Smartphone. Until today DirecTV has not been putting a lot of effort on marketing Nomad. This trademark application is being filed for the use of Nomad legally without any infringement.
However, it is totally legal to use Grab & Go by DirecTV. DirecTV could use Grab & Go for the purpose of marketing -tops, DVRs, mobile media services, entertainment services and mobile applications. This is confirmed by the Trademark Application filed by DirecTV on August 30.
With products like Nomad or “Grab & Go, DirecTV could easily compete with its rivals. It is said that, with the trademark application and legal issues coved DirecTV in a good position. Now, it is easier for DirecTV to compete with rivals like Slingbox, Disc Network and also with AnyPlay, which is a Comcast product. It is being said that, there is another brand called “ALLSCREEN” that DirecTV has file trademark application to be used for “DVR slideloading from March.
However, a spokesperson for DirecTV has informed the FierceCable Tuesday that it is still early to make comments about trademarks on “Grab & Go.”