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By : IPS Staffs
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New iphone model is waiting to be introduced on 12th -Sept – 2012. This new version is expected to have a bigger screen, good battery life and many new and smart features.

However, one needs to take a look at Apple’s patent portfolio, to find out Apple’s future plans for the iPhone and for its patent applications. Thomson Reuters IP group has done the same for their report release.

If you look through you will find out that in 2010 Apple had filed a patent application to patent a miniature fuel-cell power. With the help of this product iPhone and iPad could go on without recharging for weeks. This same technology is now being used in Europe by some hybrid electronic buses.
There was another patent filed by Apple for supersmart multimedia hypertext. It is the type pad for mobile devices for touch screen. The patent application drawing shows a finger touching on the word “Apple.

On one of the patent application issue a report stated that there are many patent applications filed by Samsung as many as 4000. This number is way more than that of Apple. It looks like Samsung has put in every effort possible to protect its innovations.