How To Trademark | "How To Trademark A Company Name? "

By : IPS Staffs
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How to trademark?  There is a simple answer to this. Registering a trademark is a simple process. One can file a trademark application using an online form in less than 1 ½ hours, without any help of a legal professional. There is a website from where one can file a trademark application in a few simple steps. 
However, the first thing one should do before filling the online form is to check for previous registrations. This is to find out if there has been any prior registration for similar trademark. A similar trademark cannot be used by multiple companies or persons. If there is a prior registration the application will be canceled automatically. Many of us do not know how to trademark so our application ends up getting rejected. So, it is wise to take advice form a trademark lawyer.  
There is a fees for online registration which falls in between $ 275/- & $325/-. This process requires some information. The information required for the online registration processes are categories of goods and services where the trademark is going to be used, exact date of the trademark’s use commercially and if there is any design component to it. 
In the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web Site, it is stated that the response to the application will be within six months. It is advised that one should seek help form an IP Attorney for registration. Sometimes your trademark can be rejected even if there is a slight resemblance to another trademark. So, to find out how to trademark in this complicated situation, IP Attorney can be your best advisor. 
Generic names are very difficult to register and most of us might not know how to trademark in this situation. There are trademark lawyers to help us out and get out trademark protected.