Patent Application | "Apple Files A Patent Application For A New App Which Detects Hand Position."

By : IPS Staffs
Category : Patent Application

Apple has been coming up with lots of innovative ideas. One of the innovations was its sensor- based keyless layout. This time it has something new for Patent Application. The new innovation is about detecting hand position and overlaps it on the screen of the device. For this the company is planning to use more sophisticated cameras and sensors.

The patent application has shown three different methods for this innovation. The first shows a generic keyboard and the users hand which is projected in an on-screen representation. The second method shows a laptop with a keyboard but the keys are not labeled but a labeled keyboard is shown on the screen. The last method shows a tablet and its controls on the back. On this it shows a user’s finger which is projected making it look as the device is transparent.

However, this is just a patent application for now, so we cannot expect it to be a reality sometime soon.