Trademark Application | "More Than 10 Million Trademark Applications In China"

By : IPS
Category : Trademark Application

The Trademark Application in China that has been filed for trademark registration crossed 10 million. This number was exceeded at the end of June this year, making China the world’s number one in trademark registration.

Sources say that China is No 1 in the world’s ranking in trademark registration. The total number of registrations was 7.17 million at the end of June. Among the 7.17 million about 6.09 million were valid registrations.

In recent times trademarks have become important in China. This is due to tough competition for Chinese companies in the international market. Apart from this huge numbers the influential trademarks are still low in numbers.

China has been leading in trademark applications from 2002. It was the year when the trademark application in China got up to 300,000.