Trademark Application | "Jetstar oppose on Toyota’s plan to file trademark application for “Jumping in the Air."

By : IPS Staffs
Category : Trademark Application

A legal trademark battle is on its way after Toyota decided to file a trademark application on its “ Oh, What a Feeling!” “jump”. The company that has opposed to Toyota’s trademark decision is Jetstar.

From the mid – 80s an advertisement used by Toyota has been showing actors jumping in the air at the end. On the other hand the advertisement by Jetstar after its launch in 2004 shows actors performing a star jump.

An official form Toyota has made it public, that Toyota has filed a trademark application in early 2012. The application has been filed with IP authority of the government of Australia.

Even though the trademark application has been accepted for registration by the Intellectual Property Office Australia, Toyota knows that Getstar has filed a conflict notification for its trademark in Australia.

However, spokesperson for Toyota Australia Mr. Campbell believes that there will not be any problem in the registration of the trademark.

He said that "The jump and 'Oh, What a Feeling!' is Toyota’s because, it’s been 30 years that Toyota has been using it.

On the other side Jetstar informed SmartCompany that it filed the opposition on Toyota’s trademark application just to protect its brand communication.

Star Jump is being used by Jetstar brand for over 8 years. It has been using it since the launch of the airline. The star jump has been use by Jetstar for campaigns in many countries including China, Australia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand and plans to expand to many other areas. This is the reason for the Jetstar opposing for the trademark application filed by Toyota.