Trademark Application | "Hundred percent raise in Trademark Application in India since 2001-02. Large numbers of Trademark Applications are pending with the government."

By: IPS Staff 
Category : Trademark Application 

Approximately 6.5 lakh trademark applications are pending with the Indian government. This backlog is due to the shortage of manpower. There is a 100% increase in the application since 2001-02.
Reports indicate that the Trademark Applications are pending at the examination stage, objection stage and at the opposition stage. All these applications are pending since March 31, 2012. According to the officials, the pending is due to the lengthy process of approval. Other reason for this backlog is due to sudden increase in the number of applications.
The recruitment process is under way for the Trademark Registry. The increased number of staffs at the Trademark Registry is believed to speed up the Trademark Application process.
To make the Trademark Registry office more efficient, introduction of computerized system and organized office process has been implemented.  With this improvement the government hopes to accelerate the Trademark Application process.