Trademark Application | "Samsung Galaxy Note II has a brilliant 5.5-inch LCD—but no universal search "

By : Mike Gikas 
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Samsung today introduced the Galaxy Note II "phablet" phone: It features an enormous 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED screen and enhanced on-screen functions that make excellent use of the phone's trademark S Pen stylus. But there's one major disappointment: The phone lacks universal search because of Jelly Bean, the version of the Android OS it runs.

When you perform a general search, your results are limited to the Web and exclude contacts, e-mails, and other phone-based content. You can search internally when you're in those respective apps, but that's a hassle.

Beyond this lack, I was impressed with what I saw of this phone at a brief Samsung demonstration earlier this month (for now, it's been announced for markets only outside the U.S.). The 1,280x720 display is brilliant.

Even more impressive are the phone's unique communication tools. For example, a feature called Screen Recorder lets you record a whole sequence of actions, such as step-by-step instructions for changing application settings, and lets you beam or e-mail the procedure to another smart phone. And a new gesture-pad feature, Quick Command, lets you launch frequently used apps such as e-mail and local searches by swiping the S Pen up while depressing the button on its stalk.

You can also preview e-mails, photos, videos, and other content by hovering the S Pen over it at a 10mm distance. (This feature also works with the S Pen designed for the original Galaxy Note, though you'll have to hold the it much closer to the screen) Another enhancement, Popup Note, launches the S Note app as a pop-up window when you pull out the S Pen, so you can scribble a quick note while you're on a phone call, for example.

Using the S Pen, you can jot down notes on the phone's calendar or add captions to photos. These notes or captions won't be converted to text, but will be attached to the original file so that they can be read by others on other devices.

Other Note II specs include 1.6-GHz quad-core processor, an 8-megapixel main camera with LED flash, and a 1.9-megapixel camera for video chats and self-portraits. Out of the box, the Note II will run the latest version of Android, Jelly Bean,

The phone lacks the NFC technology that allows two Samsung Galaxy S IIIs to share videos and other large files by bumping against each other. But it does let you beam photos across the room to other devices that support Wi-Fi Direct.

No word yet on pricing or when the Note II will be available in the U.S. But I promise a full report of my experience with a press sample in the coming weeks.

Bottom line: With its large, beautiful display and futuristic sharing tools, the Note II will be a compelling choice for those who lack the room or desire to lug around an e-book reader or tablet. But a smart phone without universal search is like a notepad without a pen.

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