Patent News | "Apple Patent Offers Glimpse Into Apple TVs Future"

By: WorldTv PC

Apple has received approval from the US Patent and Trademark service for a series of patents that includes a revamped Apple TV that will allow users to record live television. The approval, which occurred on Tuesday, looks to be plans for taking a more serious approach with the Apple TV concept.

Currently users are only allowed to view content “on-demand” from such services like iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. Live programming cannot be viewed through the device in its current form. The patent application looks to be changing that.

The set top box that is described in the illustrations depicts intuitive on-screen menus and options to view a live television stream.

Most interesting feature of the on-screen menus, was the illustration of a progression bar at the bottom of the screen, which has Apple geeks buzzing about DVR functionality that could soon be a part of a newly designed device.

The only issue currently keeping excitement levels from being at a fever pitch is the reminder that last year the big four networks declined to put a deal together that would allow Apple to stream live television through a set-top device like the Apple TV.

Unfortunately, at this stage, the plans are just that, plans. And while Apple could conceivably cut deals with television networks and content providers down the road the prospect of being able to stream live television through the device is unlikely in the near future.

Apple, however, did unveil a newer Apple TV device and higher quality videos earlier this year. The biggest component of the announcement was the inclusion of the iCloud and a more advanced user interface.