Patent News | "Daily Cuppa: patents, TrapWire and Apple-Samsung"

By:  Josh Taylor 
Category: Patent News

It's hump day, we're halfway through the week and we've got all the information on TrapWire, Apple-Samsung and patents to get your Wednesday started.

Have you been wondering why WikiLeaks has been down, off and on, for a few days? Or have you seen the hashtag #trapwire on Twitter and not known what it's all about? ZDNet's Zack Whittaker has put together an in-depth FAQ that will hopefully answer all of your questions about this surveillance software that works in conjunction with CCTV, among other things, to predict criminal activity.

If there's one thing that Apple and Samsung could probably agree on, it's that their ongoing patent dispute has been dragging on forever, and will continue to do so for quite a while yet. Although we thought we'd get a month off in Australia, it appears that an interlocutory hearing has been scheduled for later today. In the meantime, if you want to catch up on the US case, here is a rundown of what has happened thus far.

Speaking of patents, Google has updated its patent search tool to include not only US patents, but also patents from the European Patent Office. Hopefully, Google will expand this further to include Australian patents, though there's no word yet from Google as to when that might happen.

The auction of 1100 of Kodak's patents got underway last week, and the parties have now reportedly been given an extension for the auction process.

Given just how many online services people sign up for nowadays, I'd wager that very few people actually read through all the terms and conditions for everything. A new service, called Terms Of Service; Didn't Read (TOD;DR) — a play on the phrase too long; didn't read (TL;DR) — aims to solve that problem by essentially crowd sourcing your T&C reading, and giving you the short and sharp information that you need to know.

The now Microsoft-owned Yammer underwent a major refresh overnight, with a new design, navigation improvements and an upgrade to its apps locker.