Patent News | "Google Assigned Patent for Method and Apparatus for a Network Queuing Engine and Congestion Management Gateway"

By: Targeted News Service
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ALEXANDRIA, Va., Aug. 24 -- Google, Mountain View, Calif., has been Assigned a patent (8,248,930) developed by five co-inventors for a "method and apparatus for a network queuing engine and congestion management gateway." The co-inventors are Robert Edman Felderman, Portola Valley, Calif., Roy M. Bannon, Palo Alto, Calif., Peter Hochschild, New York, Guenter Roeck, San Jose, Calif., and Hain-Ching Humphrey Liu, Fremont, Calif.

The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A method, apparatus, and queuing engine implement congestion management. The method may include receiving, via a first interface of the apparatus, data traffic for forwarding to a node of a network. The method may also include receiving, at a second interface of the apparatus, a notification that indicates that congestion is affecting communication with the node, and responsive to the notification, accumulating the data traffic into the queue for a given time period. The method may further include dequeuing the data traffic from the queue after the given time period; and sending the portion of the data traffic to the node via the second interface."