Patent News " Introduces Superior Mark Clear, a Clear Heavy Duty Vinyl Floor Tape, Used to Reinforce and Protect Floor Markings Like Bar Coded Pallet Location Labels"

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Wake Forest, NC (PRWEB) May 30, 2012 introduces a more durable and cost effective way to visually organize industrial floors. The Superior Mark Clear is a heavy duty industrial vinyl floor tape with beveled edges and recessed adhesive. Applying Superior Mark Clear as an overlay on top of labels or floor striping tape make the floor markings last longer.

This is the first clear floor marking tape to feature Superior Mark's patent pending design. It is available in pre-cut strips or by the roll. "We have had some wonderful positive feedback from the safety manager of a big box retailer's regional distribution center," says Superior Mark creator Cliff Lowe. "They used Superior Mark Clear to add a layer of protection for bar coded pallet locator labels."

This is the only floor location label protectors that feature beveled edges and recessed adhesive system. Superior Mark's beveled edges can withstand more force. Whenever a forklift pushing a pallet passes on top of these floor label protectors, the pallet will ride up and over the beveled edge, rather than dislodging the floor label protector.

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