Patent News | ''Yahoo facepalms in Facebook patent fraud claim''

By :  Zack Whittaker
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Summary: Yahoo claimed Facebook had fraudulently filed some of its patents, but Facebook hit back by proving Yahoo hadn’t even checked the records to see if it was right.

Yahoo’s lawyers are eating humble pie after the company made accusations that Facebook filed patents fraudulently.

Facebook’s lawyers not only managed to prove that the patents in question are legitimate, but that Yahoo’s lawyers failed to check the records in the first place.

FOSS Patents‘ Florian Mueller summed up:

“Yahoo’s lawyers alleged deception when they simply failed to do their job. Facebook obtained the record and provided it to the court, and in the process found out that nobody had even accessed (!) the record before.”

Yahoo fired off a suit in Facebook’s direction claiming the social network infringed a patent that in effect makes Facebook work. Yahoo claims it owns the entire social network model, and Facebook — being a social network — apparently infringes those patents.

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