Patent News | "Google Obtains Patent on Input Method for Glass Project"

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Google has obtained a patent on an input method that allows for its augmented reality glasses to be more responsive. From the patent description, users can have access to the HUD interface on the glasses through a ring or bracelet.
The concept of augmented reality glasses, under codename Project Glass which is still being developed, was displayed to the public for the first time by Google last month. With the aid of a HUD, the support is provided with all kinds of information. The futuristic glasses would include using voice commands in order to control it, but now according to a patent that Google allocated it may also want to use other input methods.
The patent describes an “input device” on the finger or hand that is worn, for example, in the form of a bracelet, a ring or even an artificial nail. An infrared marker is attached on this object is. By a certain gesture with the hand or finger an infrared camera in the glasses can emit a signal and software built in the glasses will recognize it.
It seems that Google considers it as an alternative input method for voice commands. However, possible launch date of the augmented reality glasses is still unknown. With this project we can see that Google is expanding its business to the realm of augmented reality as well.

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