Patent News | "LSR Technologies Awarded Patent over IBM, and Travelocity's Farewatcher"

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LSR Technologies surmounts challenges to demonstrate significant advances in search and change-notification technology over patents held by IBM, and Travelocity's Farewatcher. The novel systems for managing data allow users to turn any site into their personal inside informant by alerting them instantly to any changes to variables such as prices, changes in employment, new jobs, temperatures, new patents, etc.

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 08, 2012

LSR Technologies, LLC, of Oldwick, NJ announces they have overcome major hurdles to win their patent over those used by IBM, and Travelocity, among others, for a revolutionary patent. The new technology allows users to turn any site into their instant inside informant by alerting them to changes to variables on that website. As the Oldwick, NJ company grows its current customer base, the company is discussing partnerships to distribute and deploy the technology as widely as possible.

"This is a real game changer for anyone who wants to keep their fingers on the pulse of something on a micro or macro level," says Laurence Ross, Principal at LSR. "Beyond a simple price checker that empowers consumers to find the best price on any item, service or travel package, this technology allows you to create an instantly updating dashboard that enables you to view the changing activity of an entire sector. It has applications for real estate, sales, farming, medicine, investing, you name it. Once you define your watch list, you can quickly add additional queries from the same sources to analyze an even more detailed picture automatically alerting you on whichever device you want."

This lucrative, powerful patent (U.S. Patent No. 8,161,064) is hidden under the title of, "System for Searching Network Accessible Data Sets." The new patented invention is a user-friendly method for requesting change-alerts via the web or mobile devices. This is the second patent issued to LSR Technologies, the first was a saved search engine. Another patent, designed by LSR for sharing saved searches or change-alerts, will be published by the Patent Office on July 12th of this year.

The three, above-mentioned software solutions were developed by Ross in response to the need to populate and update contact managers such as SalesForce with contact and planning information from his web-based daily bulletin for advertising sales, Sales-Fax News ( Prolecto Resources, of Los Angeles, California, wrote the code and produced the schematics for the patent application. The first patent, service-marked, Sales-Chip™ is the saved search engine. The just-published second patent, called, "Chip-Alerts™" on, leverages the first to deliver updates via email. Together, the two patented inventions work as a mechanism to "push" contact intelligence updates and sales leads almost instantly. The patent for sharing, also featured on SFN, as the "Lead Management System" (LMS) is the third element.

According to Ross, the introduction of "Chip Alerts" to subscribers of Sales-Fax News has made a significant contribution to meeting the demand for change-notification, especially when it comes to reporting the constant changes among client-agency relationships. "First, we started with Sales-Chips, which empowers subscribers to access information from Sales-Fax News on any internet-enabled device, where it will dial the contact's number for them," Ross explains. "This gives subscribers a window on the news and key contacts in virtually any Web-friendly environment. Once they enter a search, and save it as a 'Sales-Chip,' their Sales-Chip displays updated intelligence every time they click it thereafter."

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