Patent News "HTC phones given customs all clear "

By :  Nick Farrell
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HTC has announced that its latest smartphones have passed a US customs review and are no longer covered by an ITC injunction.
Earlier this month HTC feared that US sales of two new smartphones, the HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE, would be delayed due to a requirement for customs inspections after the Taiwanese company lost a patent dispute with Apple.
The company said at the time its new phones contained a workaround to avoid the technology covered in the patent case, but that inspections were still required.
HTC has been given a good kicking from Apple's iPhones and Samsung's Galaxy range.
Earlier this year, HTC Chief Executive Peter Chou said he did not think that the company would get back to the days when more than half its revenue came from the United States.
Still today was good news as the company can now launch the new models to fight against Apple and Samsung. The gadgets have faster graphic chips and more advanced music and photography functions.
The announcement also shows how limited Apple's legal war on Android is. By the time that Jobs' Mob can get an ITC injunction, the phone which is the target is out of date and new models can avoid the troubled patents

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