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According to reports last night, Samsung (micro blogging), vice president Choi Gee-sung, and Apple CEO Tim Cook, will meet in San Francisco in the United States Court, make consultations to resolve patent disputes.

In April last year, Apple filed a lawsuit against Samsung, which sued Samsung smart phones and tablet computers to copy the look and feel of Apple products, the two companies relationship broke down quickly. Soon, Samsung fired back, suing Apple for violating their wireless Internet access patent and requesting the judges from a number of countries to prohibit local sales of the iPhone / iPad. This ongoing dispute even troubles all the world court. So far, the patent battle between these two technology giants has spread worldwide.

Samsung Electronics said recently that the two CEO and Legal Affairs would appear on 21 to 22 May at the San Francisco Court of Justice. Choi Gee-sung and Cook, at local time 9:30 on May 21, made first consultation about the patent litigation, the next day at the same time met again to continue their consultations. Well-known IT observers, Dumbo, thinks that the president-level talks, is likely to mean that this is the last contest between the two companies.

CEO of Fei Xiang Internet: this major thing, if it is a relatively low level of leadership, hard for him to make the final decision, the negotiations between the presidents means to want this problem solved.

Although Apple and Samsung are keeping silence about the consultation, according to foreign media reports, the northern California Court of Justice responsible for two patent litigation recently informed that the CEO of both companies met and specified the date. Consultation location is the court in San Francisco, instead of the north court of San Jose, because it is appropriate for the judges who have been involved in the case during the proceedings not to arbitrate.

The meeting of Samsung Electronics and Apple will discuss the fee of giving each other patent. Samsung Electronics advocate that Apple has infringed the patent of the third generation mobile communication, while Apple advocates Samsung Electronics was against the iPhone and iPad design patent. If conciliation fails, the Apple and Samsung patent war has caught the attention of the world will be started in San Francisco, California, in July. Industry insiders estimate that in the evening, the two companies may be entered into the exchange of patent contracts to compromise.

Well-known IT commentator Hongbo: Apple master some of the smart phone patent, but Samsung it also has its own patent and may authorize Apple to use their own patents in exchange for the use of its Apple patent.

Samsung's two strengths is finished products and spare parts, which has created a layer of strange colors, because Apple is still one of the largest customer of Samsung chips and liquid crystal display.

Bo: Apple may win, or Apple's position is more pro-active approach, many things are pioneered by Apple, which will become a very important weapon to it to protect themselves against competitors.

Yunting, well-known intellectual property lawyer, said that Samsung has made some bow action, in fact, Samsung has also done a lot of compromise, a large number of design modifications on  Galaxy SIII , deliberately avoiding products to have the same appearance with Apple , this is actually a Samsung do a concession.

Xiang Ligang:  Apple and Samsung these two strong competitors, the dispute probably will not so easily end. I think the intellectual property rights of this problem is never the end, it may have other unknown litigation.

At the same time, the current proceedings countries excluding China, therefore, the Chinese electronics manufacturers would be difficult to benefit from it, but consumers may look forward to a cheaper product in the future. For example, the same product, if a high intellectual property fees, it is likely part of the cost passed on to consumers, but if not, this is much better.

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