Patent News | "US Patent Issued to Cheng Uei Precision Industry on April 3 for "Electrical Connector" "

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ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 9 -- United States Patent no. 8,147,276, issued on April 3, was assigned to Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co. Ltd. (Taipei, Taiwan).

"Electrical Connector" was invented by Yao-Ting Wang (Taipei, Taiwan) and Yu-Hung Su (Taipei, Taiwan). According to the abstract released by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office: "An electrical connector includes an insulating body having a base portion and a tongue portion extending forward from the base portion, a plurality of terminals disposed in two opposite surfaces of the tongue portion and each having a soldering tail which stretches behind the base portion and further projects upward beyond a top of the base portion, and a lid having a positioning body and a fastening portion protruding forward from the positioning body. The positioning body defines a plurality of positioning apertures spaced from one another and each extending vertically to penetrate through the positioning body. The fastening portion is mounted to the top of the base portion to make the positioning body locate behind the base portion. The soldering tails are inserted in the positioning apertures to be positioned and strengthened by the positioning body, with free ends thereof projecting beyond a top of the positioning body." The patent was filed on Aug. 31, 2010, under Application No. 12/872,026. For further information please visit: For any query with respect to this article or any other content requirement, please contact Editor at

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