Patent News | "LNR Industries Announces Their Patented "A" Clamp Will Save Taxpayers Money In Western NY"

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While there are many sources for influent infiltration, these sources can be controlled by simply putting LNR Industries' patented "A" Clamp into municipal building codes. With the stroke of a pen, the problem can begin to be solved. Either the homeowner or the municipality can absorb this one-time expense and stop wasting tax dollars year after year processing clean ground water.

Newfane, NY (PRWEB) April 15, 2012

Every year, millions of taxpayer dollars are spent treating water that does not need to be processed. LNR Industries, in Newfane, NY, has been committed to providing a solution to that unnecessary waste since 1995. With their patented "A" Clamp, they are able to offer both municipalities and homeowners an affordable and effective solution.

Due to poor seals and leaky pipes groundwater is often able to enter the sanitary sewer systems of towns and cities around the nation. This causes the sewer treatment plants to become overloaded, as they are now treating both wastewater and clean groundwater. The "A" Clamp, once installed, will provide a much more secure seal for this system, allowing treatment plants to focus on treating only the water that needs to be processed. This not only makes the plants more efficient, it also saves the taxpayers from losing money to unnecessary treatments.

It only takes one leaking vent to allow several thousands of gallons of clean groundwater into the sewer system, forcing treatment plants to process it. Aside from wasting taxpayer money, this also has the terrible effect of forcing sewage treatment plants to release excess water (water that is often untreated) into the environment. The "A" Clamp is designed to fix this.

After paying the affordable one time expense to install the "A" Clamp, homeowners and municipalities will save thousands of tax dollars each year. These savings will easily offset the cost of the "A" Clamp, making it an efficient and cost-effective solution to a problem every town faces.

About the company:

LNR Industries, a family run business, which operates out of Newfane, New York, has researched and developed a product that will eliminate influent infiltration due to leaking vent and riser pipes. The product is a mechanical device, which will couple the sewer vent or riser pipe disallowing the seal to be broken. LNR Industries obtained the patent to the "A" Clamp in 1995. Visit their website at

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