Patent News | "PMU Professor Obtains Patent on Algorithm Research "

By : Asif Anwar Alig 
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Al-Khobar , 22 April, (

The Al-Khobar based, newly established, Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University( PMU) is in global limelight once again through a patent in bio-informatics obtained by one of its professors, Dr. Loay Al-Zubaidi.

The patent title, “Method and device for the intermittent occlusion of the coronary sinus” is patented under the U.S. Patent (Patent Number: US 2011/0196297) and European Patent (Patent Number: EP 1753483) whereas the U.S. Patent Number is US 7780604.

Dr. Al-Zubaidi, who is the Chairperson in the College of Computer Engineering and Science at PMU, obtained the patent in this research; “an algorithm to calculate and control blood pressure during open heart surgery through inserting an air balloon into the coronary.”

This research is a collective effort in collaboration with a group of Austrian researchers representing the University of Vienna’s Faculty of Medicine, said Dr. Al-Zubaidi, commenting that “blood pressure can be controlled through minute adjustments to the air volume inside the balloon in response to real-time measurements”.

The expert teams involved in the patent issuance from both the USA and Europe recognized this new research finding. They evaluated it thoroughly prior to granting patent status.

Dr. Al-Zubaidi further added that “an agreement was also concluded with a prominent medical equipment firm to initiate manufacturing of a new apparatus that will be exclusively based on this technology”.

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