Patent News | "Patent controller to meet stakeholders today at his office"

By : Suja Nair Shirodkar
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With a view to understand the demands of the industry, the patents office has organised a high profile meeting with the stakeholders in Mumbai on April 3. This will be the first meeting held under the leadership of the new CG, Chaitanya Prasad with an aim to develop better understanding between the stakeholders and the patents office for better delivery of services in the future.

The meeting is expected to be held in two phases wherein, Chaitanya Prasad will be meeting representatives from the patents and trademarks separately. Dr Gopakumar G Nair, patent attorney and CEO, Gopakumar Nair Associates informed that they would be having an interactive session with the CG in the first half wherein they would be discussing and sharing information on various issues faced by the industry and agents while applying for patents.

Appreciating the efforts taken by Prasad, Dr Nair said, “The decision to have this meeting is extremely wise and highly commendable as it shows Prasad's interest in knowing the industry thoroughly by having an active dialogue with the stakeholders. Most importantly, such confidence building initiative  by the patents office is essential to give a sense of security and well being to the industry members so that it will lead to better co-operation and functioning of the system. In other words it is a pro community initiative aimed at bringing better transparency in the way patents office function.”

Industry insiders pointed out that this is a good effort taken by the new CG as it will help in building confidence between the stakeholders and patents office. Dr Nair added, “The focus of this meeting will be to address our issues and problems directly to the patents office with respect to functioning of the office so that it will help him in addressing administrative challenges more aptly. Moreover, having such interactive meeting will help him in understanding the issues of the stakeholders at a more personnel level along with giving him a good grip on the functionality of the industry.”

Industry members have appreciated the efforts taken by Prasad expressing that it is a pro-active step aimed at bringing transparency in functioning of the patents office. Many are hopeful that Prasad will also be able to continue the legacy, that his predecessor P H Kurian had managed to do during his tenure by bringing in tactful administrative changes for better delivery of services.

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