Patent News | "Patent Hints at Language Translation for Siri in the Future"

By :  Andrew Gilbert
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t appears that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set to bring a language translation feature into the Siri basing on a patent that was filed last spring at the US Patent and Trademark Office. This language translation feature is reportedly similar to that of Babel fish. According to the patent, the cloud-based system will be capable of capturing audio in one language before a translation is offered using the language of the user.
The iPhone records the voice commands before being transmitted to be interpreted on a cloud. Users can answer in English to a person speaking another language. Siri would answer both users in the languages that they were using. The most likely language in certain locations will be the default language used in order to make the translation faster. The GPS location will be used by the iPhone to facilitate this function. The data that were collected by Siri will also help it to interpret the dialects bring used. With the increasing database of Siri, its capabilities in recognizing languages have been enhanced gradually. The database of data is gradually being enhanced as it continues to receive requests from users of the Siri feature on the iPhone of Apple.
The translation by Siri will be transmitted automatically through the Bluetooth earpiece of the user. This is similar to the Babel fish feature that was describe on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy of Douglas Adams. The translation feature that is being described on the patent is similar to the translation project that is being developed by Google as well as Microsoft.
For the moment, Siri is already available in Japanese, German, French, and a number of variations in the English language including American English, Australian English and British English.
Some observers have indicated that Siri might not find it easy to translate American English into British English.

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