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SolarCure's Solar Powered SEO Program, Combining Solar Energy With Online Marketing, Helps New Jersey Patent Attorney Ezra Sutton's Internet Visibility 

Ezra Sutton and Associates, a New Jersey patent attorney specializing in patent law, trademark law, copyright law, intellectual property law, licensing, and related matters, recently announced its affiliation with SolarCure, a company specializing in Solar Powered SEO(TM) and Solar-Panel adoption. Ezra Sutton and Associates has sponsored part of a solar-panel which will be installed on VFW Post 6061 in Colonia, New Jersey. As a component of the sponsorship program, SolarCure announced this association with an internationally distributed press release enhanced for optimum search engine visibility. Shortly after the publishing of the law firm's news story, Ezra Sutton and Associates' online presence increased dramatically.

Ezra Sutton and Associates' Initial Results Distributed by Marketwire, Ezra Sutton P.A. Grows Business by Energizing VFW with Solar Power was featured on over 180 general news portals, financial news websites, specialty law sites, leading social networks and the press release's overall reach extended to millions of impressions. Additional credibility for the New Jersey law firm has also been aided with exposure through ABC News, CBS Market Wire, Google News, Yahoo! News and Bing News portals. Coupled with basic SEO practices, Ezra Sutton and Associates' domain jumped from Google's page twenty to page eight for the keyword phrase "patent attorney New Jersey." Further sustainable growth is projected as SolarCure's Solar Powered SEO(TM) program progresses.

How Solar Powered SEO(TM) and Solar-Panel Adoption Works Generous organizations sponsor a solar panel by purchasing a panel or a portion of one through SolarCure's Adopt-A-Solar-Panel program. The panel is designed and installed for a specific non-profit organization. The non-profit organization will use energy generated through solar panels and the money saved through decreased energy bills can be put to better use towards their mission.

The sponsor will also receive nationwide publicity of their sponsorship through SolarCure's expertly written online press releases. Each press release is enhanced for search engine optimization (SEO), which has been proven to increase Internet traffic, improve search engine listings and bring other benefits when associated with green branding. Such brands greatly appeal to consumers who are becoming more aware of the need to protect the environment. This unique selling point may additionally boost corporate image and public awareness. All-in-all, SolarCure's Adopt-a-Solar-Panel Program assists both non-profit organizations and area sponsors in a unique manner designed to create a "win-win-win" situation for those involved -- the sponsor, the non-profit, and the environment.

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