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The Law Offices of Gene Bolmarcich, Esq. is solo practice law firm specializing in a full spectrum of trademark related matters for a global clientele. I am proud to announce - "Trademarks A To ®" - a flat fee trademark registration web-based service where all work is done by flat fee trademark attorney Gene Bolmarcich, with over 20 years experience prosecuting trademarks. Unlike every other attorney offering similar services for a flat fee, I include all of the work necessary to obtain a trademark registration with the USPTO. Every other site excludes from their flat fee so-called "substantive office action responses", and in some cases other work involved in filing evidence, affidavits and certain required documents that require significant work. is unique in that the $499 flat fee is guaranteed to be the limit on what a client will pay to obtain a registration. All other attorney based online services charge by the hour for the various types of substantive work involved in trademark prosecution.

Trademarks A To ® is provided via an easy to navigate and informative website on trademark law including an entertaining and informative blog. Clients initiate their trademark application by completing a simple form and paying the flat fee, which includes i) unlimited attorney consultation time, ii) comprehensive trademark searches (unlimited knock-out searches and up to two full comprehensive searches), iii) three classes of goods and services (as opposed to one, which is the competitive norm) and iv) all required prosecution and monitoring of the application to registration.

Visit for more information and to see an exclusive chart that compares most major trademark registration services provided by attorneys and see why Trademarks A To ® is the lowest guaranteed flat fee trademark registration service on the Internet.

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