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Trademark Application | "Google Assigned Patent for Collaborative Online Spreadsheet Application"

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Google, Mountain View, Calif., has been assigned a patent (8,307,119) developed by four co-inventors for a "collaborative online spreadsheet application." The co-inventors are Jonathan Rochelle, Chester, N.J., Micah Lemonik, New York, Farzad Khosrowshahi, Pleasantville, N.Y., and John Stephen Danaher, Brooklyn, N.Y. The abstract of the patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office states: "A distributed spreadsheet application executes at a server and a client in a network. The networked spreadsheet application can generally be used without requiring a user to install any specific spreadsheet software prior to using the application. In one implementation, the spreadsheet application may include a client engine that executes within browser programs of a plurality of client computing devices and server logic. The server logic may be configured to distribute the client engines to the plurality of client computing devices of the spreadsheet application when requested through the browser programs of each of the plurality of client computing devices. The server logic synchronizes a single spreadsheet document that is simultaneously open at the plurality of client computing devices."

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