Samsung Patent | "The latest news from the continuous court battle between Apple and Samsung: Apple claims Samsung infringe slide-to-unlock utility model on the Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone"

By: Olav Hellesø-Knutsen
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Apple Samsung Patent
The two electronic giants are having a war going on in the courts in Germany. Samsung recently lost one out of seven infringement claims they have against Apple in Germany. These are patents related to 3g/UMTS functionality.

There have been three court hearings where the slide-to-unlock invention was discussed. One in December where Apple's raised a slide-to-unlock patent lawsuit against Samsung. The second one is a case where Apple fought against Motorola over the same patent. And now the case by Apple against Samsung with a utility model. We are far from expert in intellectual property law, but if we have understand this correctly the utility models are a registration of a claimed invention without an examination if the invention already is registered.

The interesting here is that Apple is going after the "Google Phone" Galaxy Nexus made by Samsung without suing Google. They slide-to-unlock functionality is one out of many ways to unlock an Android smartphone, so the most logically step is to target the infringement claims against Google which are responsible for Android. Apple has not done that. They are for some reason going after Samsung and Motorola.

The independent intellectual property analyst Florian Mueller runs the blog Foss Patents which are following the Samsung vs Apple cases closely. He is quite bussy these days, with several updates daily with news from the German court house. If you wish to follow Samsung vs Apple on a daily basis we recommend you to read his blog.

We are sometimes wonder if anyone cares about these court battles. Do you?
Anyway. The court will make a decision on March 16.