Apple Patent | "New Patent Reveals Apples Next Big Thing, Magnets"

By: David Richards 
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Apple Patent
It sounds bizarre but Apple is looking to use magnets to lock down security on an iPad or Mac PC.
A new patent filing reveals that Apple engineers are looking to a male/female magnet relationship to secure content on an Apple device.

How it works is that inside the bezel of an Apple device be it a notebook or iPad will be a magnet that operates a switch, to unlock the device a user will have to have the other half of the magnet which when swiped against the Apple device unlocks the device.

What Apple is trying to do is to use magnets as a new way of keeping content secure.
Listed in the patent which has been lodged with the US patents office is a stylus with specially encoded magnets to securely unlock an iPad.

Engadget said that it may sound ridiculous when you first consider it, but given the magnetic-activation of the iPad 2's smart cover, it's not as outlandish as you believe. Still, we'll believe it if we see it in a couple of years.