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Microsoft Patent
 San Francisco: Microsoft Thursday announced a patent licensing agreement with LG Electronics covering tablets, smartphones and other consumer devices running Google's Android or Chrome operating system.

Microsoft said it marks the 11th deal with a device manufacturer leveraging Google's operating system platform.

"More than 70 percent of all Android smartphones in the US are now receiving coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio," Xinhua quoted a press release from the Microsoft as saying.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed. So far, Microsoft has struck major cross-licensing patent agreements with HTC, Samsung and Acer, among others.

Last September, Microsoft announced a broad patent deal with Samsung. US media reports cited South Korean media as saying that Microsoft had wanted Samsung to pay $10-15 for each Android device.

The booming mobile market has been harassed by acrimonious legal battles over patent infringement. Being an open source operating system, Google's Android has become a major target of patent suits.

Microsoft has been going after companies that make phones and tablets running Android, rather than directly against Google.

But the two tech giants are still engaged in public spats over the issue after Google's top legal officer posted a scathing blog last August accusing Microsoft and other companies of waging "a hostile, organized campaign against Android".

Motorola Mobility, which Google announced to acquire in a $12.5 billion deal last August, currently is the last major Android device vendor that refuses to take a license from Microsoft.

Frank Shaw, Microsoft's head of communications, used Twitter to taunt Google Thursday, twitting "Hey Google -- we are the 70 percent" with a link to their press release.

Brad Smith, Microsoft's executive vice president and general counsel, also tweeted "it's time to recognize that in patent world, lawsuits are the 1 percent; license agreements are the 99 percent".

Google so far has made no comments on the Microsoft-LG patent deal.