Samsung Seeks Injunction to Block Sales of iPhone 4S in France, Italy Patent infringement battle heats up; Apple seeking a "free ride?"

By:Truman Lewis

The wraps are barely off Apple's new iPhone 4S and already it's the target of litigation.  Samsung is seeking an injunction blocking the sale of the new iPhone in France and Italy as a trademark-infringement war between the once-friendly companies escalates.

The companies been in an acrimonious battle over the design and patents within the Samsung Tablet devices, each accusing the other of various offenses.

Samsung now says Apple's violations are so severe that the iPhone 4S should be barred from sales and warns that its injunction requests may spread to other nations.

"Apple has continued to flagrantly violate our intellectual property rights and free ride on our technology. We believe it is now necessary to take legal action to protect our innovation." Samsung said in a statement.