eTAGZ Patent Enforcement Success Continues

By: Press Release (Market Watch)

Hunting Company Comes Into Compliance in Out-of-Court Settlement !
SALT LAKE CITY, Oct 12, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In another victory during its series of litigation cases this year, eTAGZ, Inc. has recently arrived at settlement terms with a national hunting manufacturer (to remain unnamed according to settlement stipulations). The manufacturer infringed on eTAGZ's patents by attaching digital media to products for the purposes of sales and promotion. This settlement is the latest in a string of victories for eTAGZ as it fights to enforce the rights that the patent grants the company.

"eTAGZ has settled with several such companies in the hunting industry without having to resort to protracted litigation," said Joe Pia of PADRM, lead patent litigation counsel for the company. "I believe this reflects both an acknowledgement of the patents' strength and the realization that partnering as a licensee of eTAGZ's technology is more productive than litigating over infringement."

"Many other respected businesses in the hunting industry, including Woods Wise Products and Mountain Mike's Reproductions, have settled with us too," said eTAGZ CEO Isaac Jacobson. "They recognize the validity of our eTAGZ patents. Many have even compensated us for past infringements, granting eTAGZ exclusive rights to manufacturing and agreed-upon licensing rates moving forward."

While the details of this settlement remain confidential, Sean Reyes, General Counsel for eTAGZ and a candidate for Utah Attorney General in 2012, is confident about the future of the company and any possible future litigation.

"We are very pleased with the settlement," he said. "It reinforces the strength of our patents and their importance to the way numerous companies conduct business every day."

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