ADAPTIX Touts New 4G Wireless Patents in US and Korea

By: Press Release (Market Watch)

Company broadens portfolio with innovations in 4G handoffs and power control

CARROLLTON, Texas, Oct 12, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ADAPTIX Inc., a pioneer in the development of fourth-generation (4G) wireless technology, announced today that it has been awarded two new patents in the U.S. and one in the Republic of Korea. Detailing important aspects of 4G wireless systems, the newly minted patents cover innovations in subscriber handoffs between base stations, as well as advanced subscriber device power control.

Issued yesterday, U.S. Patent 8,036,173, entitled "System and Method for Managing Wireless Base Station Handoff Information," describes methods for performing intelligent handoff of subscribers between base stations. As wireless cell sizes continue to shrink due to the deployment of smaller base stations, handoffs will occur with even greater frequency. Providing fast and efficient handoffs will be key in building a reliable 4G communications network.

Also issued yesterday, U.S. Patent 8,036,199, entitled "OFDMA With Adaptive Subcarrier Cluster Configuration and Selective Loading," further boosts the ADAPTIX portfolio by describing methods for subscriber device detection of base stations. Such methods can be employed for a number of uses including facilitating inter-base station handoffs for continuity of mobile communications.

Korean Patent 10-1062630 was also recently granted to ADAPTIX and is entitled "Method and Apparatus for Adaptive Carrier Allocation and Power Control in Multi-Carrier Communications Systems." This patent describes techniques for employing closed-loop power control for OFDMA-based subscriber devices such as smartphones and tablets. Power control, a necessary element of 4G communications, provides for more robust wireless transmissions by reducing interference and improving mobile device battery life.

"These new patents provide important innovations that make 4G wireless communications fully deployable in our increasingly fully-connected, mobile world," said Byron Young, vice president of marketing and technology at ADAPTIX. "Additionally, they serve to further diversify our company's coverage of next-generation cellular technologies, broadening ADAPTIX's expansive technology portfolio."


ADAPTIX, Inc. is an award-winning technology company long recognized in the industry as one of the first developers of cutting edge OFDMA-based mobile wireless systems. With patents filed as early as 2000, ADAPTIX research and development efforts have resulted in one of the world's largest independent intellectual property portfolios focused exclusively on 4G technologies. With its rapidly growing portfolio of 230 issued and pending patents in 13 countries, ADAPTIX's innovations extend across a broad range of applications including 4G mobile cellular networks, 3G/4G interworking, Voice over 4G and multi-antenna technologies.

ADAPTIX is headquartered in Carrollton, Texas, and is a Baker Capital portfolio company. For more information, please visit .

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