Quick And Easy Steps To Get Your Patent Application On File

By: Michael J Foycik Jr. 
February 20, 2014
The author is a patent attorney with over 28 years experience in patents and trademarks. For further information, please email at IP1lwyr@gmail.com, or call at 877-654-3336.

Need a patent application on file in a hurry? This happens, for example, if you have a trade show coming up, or want to show your idea/invention to anyone.

First, write some things down: what it is called; what it does; how it works; and what it is made of. This part can be short or long, as you prefer. It is a great start either way!

Second, make simple sketches of what your idea/invention looks like. Show the parts, too. It's good to have several views, such as top, front, and side views.

Third, get an official patent office cover sheet for a provisional patent application online at www.uspto.gov, at the forms page. It's easy to find.

Fourth, check out the micro entity form and instructions. If you qualify (most do), you are entitled to much lower government fees, and fill out the micro entity form.

Fifth, put the information from the above first and second steps into the form of a standard specification with headings. This is easy to find at the www.uspto.gov site.

Sixth, file online or by Express Mail. The above-noted official patent office site has easy instructions for this.

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