Google Secrets No More - What Recent Google Patents Tell Us About SEO, Ads, and More

By: Michael J Foycik Jr. 
January 9, 2014
The author is a patent attorney with over 28 years experience in patents and trademarks. For further information, please email at, or call at 877-654-3336.

There are interesting features in several recently issued Google patents.  There are interesting insights, possibly secrets revealed, and opportunities too.  Let's have a quick look.
A favorite of this author is Patent Number 8,589,391, which relates to a method for generating web site ratings for a user.  This seems to be very useful.  You can look this patent up online by searching “google patents advanced search” which brings up an option to search by patent number.  I do recommend this, since there is an option to download the patent as a pdf file; this applies to the following patents as well.

And, something functional: Patent Number 8,589,387, for an Information Extractor from a Database, also assigned to Google.  Here's an opportunity – if this is so important, other firms may well be able to develop improved/different methods for doing this which may well be of interest to search engine companies like Google.

More insights into the Google field of interest: Patent Number 8,589,399, for identifying terms of interest to an entity.  This has obvious interest to marketers, but may have broader implications.  And, there could be secrets revealed therein.  Worth a look!

More opportunities for programmers and marketers may be in Patent Number 8,549,032, also to Google, for determining proximity to topics of advertisements.  If this is still of importance now, other methods could well be of importance too.  There seems to be room for growth in this field.