Patent News | "HTC files patent counterclaim against Apple"

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Taiwan smartphone maker HTC has filed a counterclaim against Apple in a Florida court over a patent infringement claim made by Cupertino in March, according the Wall Street Journal.

In the report Friday, HTC claimed in its lawsuit that Apple's MacBooks and iPhones infringed two patents it had acquired from Hewlett-Packard last year, related to computer networks and desktop remote control management.

Last week, UK courts had ruled that the Taiwan company did not infringe on four of Apple's European-held patents. It decided three of those four patents were invalid, with the only patent that stood relating to Apple's photo-management software, but found HTC not guilty.

The other three invalid patents relate to Apple's multi-touch software, alphabet-changing software, and the iPhone and iPad's slide-to-unlock feature.

HTC said in a statement that it "respects innovation and intellectual property rights and will continue to aggressively protect our intellectual property," according to the report.

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