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It looks like the Android Market may be in serious trouble.

It has been confirmed Apple is the author of a wide-ranging patent for displaying content on touch-screens. U.S. Patent 8,223,134 applies to the display of lists such as pictures, albums and e-mails as well as individual documents. It is, essentially, how the device responds to finger gestures and what additional elements such as beams are shown.

Ultimately, this operating concept is widely protected, Apple has developed it since 2007 for the iPhone and the iPad tablet. The patent covers, among other things, the scrollable display of documents, and the scroll bar itself.

Google has implemented the disappearing scroll bar on the IT blog "The Verge". According to experts, this could " kill of Android completely".

However, the granting of the patent does not mean that competitors need to change like design concepts entirely. Generally, applicable standards called FRAND conditions are required to enable the fair and non-discriminatory access to certain technologies. The owners allow them access to their patents against royalties.

In addition, many patents - particularly in the U.S. - are granted without big test, says the patent law expert Florian Mueller. The question was whether they were in court. Perhaps similar techniques in other countries are protected by law.

However, the company from Cupertino gets new ammunition for its biggest rival, Samsung. Even competitors such as HTC, Motorola, and Sony use Android.

Apple already holds several important patents for the use of touch-sensitive screens, which are also used in the global patent procedures. The U.S. Patent Office granted Apple several other patents that deal primarily with computer technology, such as processors and memory. To stay updated with all the latest gadget news, please subscribe.

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