KMA Global Solutions International Announces New Application Equipment Development

By: Press Release

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Nov 14, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- KMA Global Solutions International, Inc. KMAG +25.00% is pleased to announce its latest innovation for its Application equipment designed to apply the patented Dual tag. We are currently working very closely with a consumer packaging client that has various configurations in their packaging that has forced us to increase our capabilities to allow for application in a 360 degree environment. Applying the Dual tag on cylindrical surfaces that allow for RFID verification at high speed has challenged us and our automation partner Milestone Automation to keep ahead of our competition.

KMA has developed a suite of high speed application process that enables application and "RFID Read, Write and Verification" at the highest speeds in the industry.

Jeffrey D. Reid, Chief Executive Officer of KMA Global Solutions International, Inc., commented, "Working closely with innovative clients has challenged KMA and its partners to constantly advance our processes and technology." KMA is working with Milestone Automation to prepare a suite of products in this fast growing marketplace.

KMA's DUAL Tag(TM) provides theft protection through its innovative combination of two leading Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies in a single, high-speed application. Packaging companies that have adopted DUAL Tag(TM) consider it to be of great benefit to their operation. When compared to applying the two EAS technologies separately, production efficiencies increase substantially and overall costs are significantly reduced. DUAL Tag(TM) eliminates inventory costs associated with duplicate inventories that differ only by EAS technology and allows products to be sold through any retail channel.