Graphene Technologies Publishes Patent Application for Carbon Nanomaterial Production Technique

By: Cameron Chai

Graphene Technologies has published the first of a set of patent applications submitted by it on its innovative technology for the manufacturing of graphene and other nanomaterials on 20 October 2011. The publishing of this patent application is a key landmark in the company’s plan to commercialize its process for the production of superior-quality graphene materials.

Graphene Technologies’ innovative method uses CO2 as the major raw material for the production of graphene. The technique produces graphene by using a highly exothermic reaction between carbon-containing gases such as CO2 and alkaline earth metals such as magnesium. Unlike other graphene production processes, this process does not need highly crystalline, comparatively rare graphite as feedstock.

Graphene is an innovative nanomaterial that finds uses in photovoltaics, energy transmission and storage, displays, electronics, semiconductors, structural materials and sophisticated plastics. Graphene Technologies plans to manufacture superior quality graphene using its process at industrial scale and cost.

The Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Graphene Technologies, Jon Myers stated that the company is happy about the completion of numerous patent applications and the release of the first of these patent applications. The capability to produce innovative materials using a greenhouse gas and ubiquitous minerals is a major accomplishment, he said. The company’s researchers have developed superior quality multiple and single layer graphene at minimal production cost.

Myers further said that currently no established product specifications or production standards are available for graphene. The company will strive to define these standards and will partner with companies on integration of materials in various products so as to ramp-up the commercialization of graphene, he added.