How to protect your Intellectual Property as a startup or scale up

By: Chloe Mckenna

It's so easy to overlook your intellectual property when you're a startup. Even companies who've been in business for a while but are scaling up can easily forget just how important it is to protect yourself and your business. So, how do you even begin to go about protecting it and what's involved?

Your intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets. Not only does it give your company its true value, but it also helps create brand recognition and sets you apart from your competitors. Without it, you can't differentiate yourself from the rest. So that's why business owners are realising just how valuable it is and taking steps to protect it.

So it's no surprise that legal claims made over the last 12 months by small to medium enterprises have risen significantly by 68%. If you're new to business and have no clue how to even register your intellectual property, read on to find out.