Now is the Time to Consider an EPO Patent Application for Coverage in European Union Countries

By: Michael J Foycik Jr. 
August 6, 2014 
The author is a patent attorney with over 28 years experience in patents and trademarks. For further information, please email at, or call at 877-654-3336.

Thinking of foreign patents? Then its time to consider an EU (European) patent application!

Why now? Because the EU law is transitioning toward a single filing to cover all of the subscribing EU member countries.

Applications filed now are said to be covered by the new law when it changes, likely in 2015 or 2016. Such an application is examined, and if granted provides patent protection in all subscribing EU countries. The filing can be in any EU language, which includes English, removing the need for expensive translations.

Most companies need protection in the US, but dread the costs of filing in multiple European countries. Sure, you've heard of companies spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, consider that an EU application can be filed for less than USD 7500 in many cases, including attorneys fees and government filing fees. Design patent applications are even less.

What about EU trademark applications? Those are affordable too! Filing can be at a total cost of less than USD 6500, including legal fees and government fees. No actual use is needed for filing. Ideally, your company name should be protected as soon as possible, before competitors can try to get rights in the EU on your trademark.